What is Cross-dressers/Transgender Propaganda?

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 Propaganda and is the Japan's largest cross-dressers/transgender event held at Shinjuku on last Saturday of each month. It is a safe heaven for all to express themselves without the boundaries of gender. In Japan, cross-dressing is culturally more accepted than most other countries because it has been around for a long time.

The cross-dressing culture.

 Cross-dressing cannot be summed in just one word, because there are so many different tastes and identities. However, it could be said that this is a group of people who enjoy dressing any way they see fit, without the boundaries of stereotypical gender roles. Cross-dressers enjoy varieties of lifestyles: a working man during the week who dresses as a woman on the weekends, or a full-time cross-dresser who live her life as a woman. Sexual orientation also varies greatly: a cross-dressing heterosexual, a man who likes men only when he is cross-dressing, or a cross-dresser dating another cross-dresser. Because of this diversity, many cross-dressers are very liberal.

Future of Cross-dressing Culture

 Where is the cross-dressing culture going? We think that it should disappear. We believe that the environment in which minority is not considered minority, is the ideal environment. This could be said of any kind of minority. We strive to be the catalyzer for the change, by choosing freely the way we want to live.

Satsuki, the new organizer for the Propaganda

 Satsuki has won the 4th place in the “Miss International Queen 2013” held in Thailand. She is a model and a television personality. Her fame has reached over to other Asian countries like China and Taiwan. She identifies herself simply as someone who dresses the way she pleases, and not as a man or a woman or a ladyboy. Her way of life makes you think being a minority is cool thing. We hope that Satsuki will lead the Propaganda party to a next level.

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